Knowing Personality

Importance of Knowing Personality


Suppose you want to invite your co-worker at a tea-party. You are a group of three friends who go out on the weekends. But this time you want your other co-worker also to join.


Shall he join your company?

If you know his personality, you can be quite sure. You just need some knowledge of his traits.

Let me explain.

If your co-worker is an extravert, he is more likely to accept given he isn’t having any other commitment. You would neither need to push him nor give him many reminders. The reason is extraverts are naturally outgoing. But if your co-worker is an introvert and isn’t having a good relationship with you, he would hesitate because introverts feel more comfortable spending their time alone - doing an activity of their own interest.  

Let’s consider another situation.

Suppose you want to hire an accountant for your newly opened store. Accounting requires careful attention and repetition of the same work every day with little change. Now you have to decide what kind of person would be most suitable for this job.


Choosing the best one

The most suitable person for your shop’s accounts is - who has both introvert and sensor traits. Introversion helps to concentrate on a single job for a long time and sensing allows us to perform detailed work that requires meticulous care and accuracy. An accountant with such traits will do fewer mistakes in account entries and will perform work in a sequence. He won’t even get bored in performing repetitive tasks.  

But if you have mistakenly selected a person with extravert and intuitive traits, he won’t be able to focus on accounts. He would like to chit-chat with people, would divert his attention from accounts to other jobs, and get easily bored from repetitive tasks.

Now suppose you want to go to hilly areas with the group of your friends. Driving in that area is very risky and requires a great presence of mind and skill.


Who among you would prove to be the best driver?

Your friend who is sensor and thinker would prove to be the best. Sensing provides him focus and thinking makes him tough-minded. In addition, if your friend is also a perceiver this would add quality of spontaneity.

By knowing other’s personalities, you can impressively do well in the relationships and professions. In fact, all of us subconsciously have an intuition of other’s traits, but if we learn them, we can more accurate decisions.

In addition to knowing personality traits, you should also consider the health of other’s traits. Some people learn and practice more than others. They groom their personality and turn it into a healthy type. People with healthy traits can prove to be more helpful for you.